Expert FSIE™ Engineering

develops and/or configures the software so that it meets the technical requirements. In more complex situations, these are initially structured in stages until elementary IT requirements are reached. The engineer is also normally responsible for the (automated) unit tests, regression tests, builds and technical documentation. He installs and configures development environments.

In this specialisation, there is the possibility to have an add-on for a technology (e.g. Java, .Net/Microsoft, Data Science + Analysis, Machine Learning, AI, ...). For this purpose, guidelines are developed, which require practical experience, but also initial further education/certificates and further education/updates for new versions. However, the methodological similarities are the main focus of the Engineering title.


The regulation/das Reglement/le règlement



Which ICT job profiles corresponds to the specialisation?

Main job descriptions

  • software engineer
  • application developer

Further addressed job profiles

  • ICT architect (in more complex situations)
  • database specialist
  • data scientist
  • business computer scientist
  • project manager
  • ICT system engineer
  • ICT test engineer

Agile job profiles

  • Team member (also: Engineer, Developer)
  • Integrator (larger settings)
  • Release train engineer (SAFe)

Commission of experts


Lead: Kurt Munter
Adrian Hüssy
Simon Moser

Call: Please contact us if you would like to participate in FK Engineering or submit a continuing education event dedicated to Engineering topics.

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