Expert FSIE™ Security

secure IT operation and secure projects

The Security expert assumes responsibility for reliable IT services by managing risks to security objectives such as availability, confidentiality and integrity of systems and data. She develops guidelines and IT security management systems (ISMS) and promotes trust and awareness in IT, business and management.


The regulation/das Reglement/le règlement



Which ICT job profiles correspond to the expert FSIE™ Security specialisation?

Main job descriptions

  • ICT Security Officer
  • ICT security specialist

Other adressed job profiles

  • ICT Security Operations Manager
  • ICT architect (security)
  • ICT Auditor (Security)
  • ICT controller (security)
  • ICT systems engineer (security)
  • ICT system specialist (security)
  • ICT System Controller (Security)
  • ICT consultant (security)
  • Software Engineer (Security)

The Security experts commission


Umberto Annino


Hans Peter Gisiger
Fridel Rickenbacher
Beat Lehmann

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