The FSIE is part of the Swiss ICT associations landscape and member of digitalswitzerland. For the certifications we partner with the well-established organisation SAQ - Swiss Association for Quality.

Because our initiative targets the tertiary educated ICT professionals, we have a strong partnership with the SI - Swiss Informatics Society and its section SISR of the french speaking part of Switzerland.


Partnership and Sponsoring

The FSIE seeks partnerships with all IT education providers (universities and others) providing tertiary-level courses and events as well as with IT companies and associations.

Note that the FSIE membership is exclusively available for natural persons. This shall warrant the independence from commercial forces and ensure the quality of the FSIE titles and activities.

For legal entities, the FSIE offers the following cooperation forms:

Partnership: this is for free and consists in mutual web-linking, recommendation and news/events forwarding.

Silver sponsoring: 2'000.00 CHF per year, it includes 5 continuing education event accreditations. If you are also an employer it also includes 10 job position submissions and 2 memberships, i.e. you can nominate 2 persons to become members and profit from the members benefits.

Gold sponsoring: 5'000.00 CHF per year, it includes 10 continuing event accreditations, 30 job position submissions and 6 memberships.

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Swiss Informatics Society - Section Romande

The FSIE is closely linked to SISR with joint board memberships. Because of the importance of the high-quality continuing development of IT teriary-level professionals, SISR and FSIE have agreed on mututal membership discounts to promote it.


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