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You do not find the specialisation you work in? Or think a current specialisation is not specific enough? The FSIE has an open scheme to define the specialisation titles it offers. As we are a community of individuals, it is the individuals that decide. Join us and help to shape the titles.

The process is as follows:

  1. There is a group of 3 or more individuals that think a new specialisation is needed or a current one needs a split-up.
  2. The specialisation is named by the group. Then, the practices and competences of the specialisation are put into words. The placement in the role model is described and Bloom level of knowledge required by all Experts FSIE is proposed. Optionally, sub-specialisations can be defined.
  3. This draft is submitted to the FSIE Education Commission (EC) for feedback and alignment of the newly proposed specialisation with the existing ones.
  4. A final version of the certification program and request to found the community is submitted to the Board of the FSIE. The Board then prepares the acceptance at the next General Assembly (FSIE has 2 G.A. every year).
  5. The community elects a specialisation committee of at least 3 members and each member is required to "bootstrap" pass the specialisation self-certification.
  6. From then on, the Experts FSIE of the specialisation committee act as examinors of the subsequent candidates.

Currently, apart from the 5 operational ones, we have 4 communites and specialisations that are in the process of being setup: Strategy (enterprise and ICT architecture, program managment), Management (leading teams/departments/companies, offering/contracting), Operations (service and application managment), Audit&Control. Ideas for more specialisations like AI, Hardware and Data Science exist.

Also, we are thinking of defining an Expert+ (plus) scheme for absolvents of IT Master or Ph.D. studies (NQF levels 7 and 8). Note: the title Expert is available for NQF level 6 or higher (Bachelor, HF).


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