About FSIE

FSIE is a newly founded non-profit association and still in its startup phase. Therefore, some of the envisioned content and services are not yet in place, e.g. the job market and register of Experts FSIE.

The certifications are available and we appreciate your application. Also, we highly recommend that you become member and help us build a large community of IT professionals that gain, shape and evolve the title Expert FSIE. 



The FSIE is organised with 3 main committees:

  • The board - it has the traditional role of an association's board. Additionally, it approves all certifications and decides on the pricing of the certifications.
  • The education commission - it is responsible for the CBOC and the fundmental procedures and regulations for the certification common to all specialisations.
  • The professional council - it is reponsible for the Code of Conduct and deals with complaints against breeches of the Code by certified Experts FSIE.

Then, each specialisation has its own

  • Specialisation community - all certified Experts FSIE of this specialisation
  • The specialisation board - a set of 3 - 5 members of the community elected by the community that drive the specialisation (meetings, representation in the FSIE board, projects to evolve the regulations, BOC or CBOC, best practices collection)
  • Specialisation experts committee - a set of 2 - n members (depending on the amount of pending certifications) elected by the community. Responsible for the examinations and BOC.

Simon Moser


"Automated processes hold a lot of potential. Companies and organizations, but also individuals and society depend existentially on their development and quality. The professionals who plan, implement and ultimately manage these processes take on great responsibility. The FSIE provides the necessary platform for them to competently assume this responsibility after their initial training until they retire. As a non-profit association of experts for experts, the FSIE also ensures objective and neutrally evaluated feedback from practice. In this way, we continuously optimise best practices and training requirements, which is why I am committed to this cause intensively and with pleasure."

Dr. Simon Moser holds a Ph.D. in IT from University of Berne. He is founder, principal owner and CEO of SolutionBoxX Ltd. a consulting company specialised in early IT project cost and time estimation and verification.


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